30. Salaam Bhatti, Food Research and Action Center

Salaam Bhatti is the SNAP Director at the Food Research and Action Center, a 501(c)(3) that uses advocacy and strategic partnerships to improve the health and well-being of people struggling against poverty-related hunger in the United States. Tune in to learn how to bring together diverse perspectives, challenge established norms, and seek innovative solutions for modern society. 

Salaam Bhatti: “The best way to find change is to go out and find like-minded people. Create a coalition to make that change happen. But if you want to perfect that, then you have to find people who disagree so that you can really understand why you believe what you believe. And maybe there are things that just need education, that just need more facts to help bring them to your side. Or maybe you were wrong and you can come to a compromise or an agreement. But until you get out of your comfort zone, the change you will try to make will only be fleeting and never systemic.”

00:00 Intro to Salaam 
01:25 From law to public benefit activism
04:50 How sparking joy drives passion in food justice
06:09 Addressing food insecurity for an equitable food system
08:20 How zoning and economic inequalities exacerbate food insecurity
10:55 Why building strategic alliances can bridge divides to pass policy reform
14:28 Exploring the ripple effects of SNAP program changes on the economy
18:00 Overview of the Food Research and Action Center
19:14 Addressing poverty related hunger solutions and challenges
21:20 How choice and increased access improves health outcomes
26:17 Reimagining food policy for modern needs
28:22 Why getting out of your comfort zone can lead to systemic change
31:11 Takeaways for changemakers


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30. Salaam Bhatti, Food Research and Action Center
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