32. Olivia Thomas, Boston Medical Center and Rewire Health

Olivia Thomas is a registered dietitian, entrepreneur, and the co-founder of “Rewire Health”, a culinary medicine platform that simplifies healthy home cooking and expands access to teaching kitchens. In this episode, Olivia shares her experiences building a culinary medicine startup, including how active listening and a multidisciplinary approach can lead to impact-focused solutions. 

Olivia Thomas: “We need to be focusing on how resources, especially within food as medicine, can be used to reinvest into disinvested communities... I have been redefining how I work on projects based on the impacts. What foods am I marketing? Who is it benefiting? How is the data being used? And the idea of sovereignty is important and making sure that it aligns with the communities we're focusing on and working with.”

00:00 Intro to Olivia
01:09 From childhood cooking to culinary medicine 
02:13 How food-based interventions help manage chronic disease
04:50 Overview of Rewire Health from pitch to startup
07:58 Cultivating a culinary medicine platform
09:49 Enabling personally relevant food choices
11:22 Investing in local communities to impact the whole food system 
12:30 Embracing change and using technology to stay ahead
14:24 Why navigating complex systems requires a multidimensional approach
17:00 The role of collaboration and community building
18:14 Using culturally affirming recipes to empower choice
20:51 Accelerating behavior change with personalization, practice, and insight
23:37 Shifting perspectives on the role of food’s impact on health
25:44 Creating sustainable habits
28:15 Redefining problem-solving
29:23 How active listening builds trust and drives impact
30:13 Looking towards the future of culinary medicine 
32:23 Takeaways for changemakers


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32. Olivia Thomas, Boston Medical Center and Rewire Health
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